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You can view details of any employee’s clocked in hours on their time sheets such as if any edits were made and where the clock in took place.

Viewing a time sheet

Go to your employees’ time sheets by clicking the Attendance tab.

Go to the Pay Periods section and click the arrow button. Choose a pay period to pull up the time sheet you’d like to view details about.

Select an employee from the Timesheets list on the bottom left side.

The employee’s time sheet appears on the right. Each row corresponds to a day during the pay period.

If the employee has personally clocked in/out or edited the time sheet, a tag appears at the top of the time sheet.

  • If the employee has created/modified some but not all of the entries, a yellow User Edited tag appears next to the title of the time sheet. Clock in and out times that have been added or modified by the employee are also highlighted in yellow.
  • If the employee has created/modified all of the entries, a yellow User Created tag appears next to the title of the time sheet. Clock in and out times that have been added or modified by the employee are also highlighted in yellow.

Viewing clocked in hours on a time sheet

Once an employee has been selected, you can see their clocked hours for each day within the current pay period and if any breaks were taken. (Note: Breaks must be manually inputted. Check out this article for more information.)

You can also see the total hours calculated for each day in its own column at the end.

Viewing clock in details on a time sheet

Within the “Details” column, you can see the position the employee worked (blue) and the location of where they worked (yellow). If your schedule uses Job Sites, they will appear in green.

If your employee clocked in via mobile, there will be a Location Pin icon. If they clocked in via terminal or work computer, this icon will not show up.

You will see a red alert icon if your employee clocked in from the wrong location, clocked in late, clocked out early, or clocked in without a scheduled shift.

Click the Location Pin icon to quickly see where your employee clocked in using their mobile device.

Click the red alert icon to review any alerts about the particular clock in.

When you hover your mouse over a clocked time, two buttons will appear: a button with a talk bubble and a button with an “i”.

Click the talk bubble icon with a plus sign to input a note about the clocked in time. Click Save when finished.

When you click on the “i” icon, you can view a timeline of actions related to the clock in such as where and when your employees clocked in and out, how they did it (terminal, mobile, or work computer), and if any edits were made. Any alerts will be shown in red.

If any edits were made to these times, it will show the name of the person that made the edit and when they did it.

To have a closer look of where the employee clocked in and out on a Google Map, click the Map option in the upper right corner of the Timeline.

Note: This option will only appear if they clocked in via Mobile.

From there, you will be able to see the clock in radius for your business in blue, and then the location of where your employees clocked in from in red.

Updated on April 21, 2017

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