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Use month view to view the schedule, add and edit shifts, and print shifts for an entire month. Because month view offers fewer features than day or week view, we recommend using month view to review and fine tune the schedules you’ve made in the other views.


  • Month view is available on most paid plans. To see if your plan includes month view, check the Account & Billing page.
  • Some features are not available in month view:
    • Positions view
    • Labor budget
    • Time off requests
    • Availability
    • Dragging and dropping shifts
    • Wrench menu actions (using templates, clearing the schedule, copying previous schedules, etc.)

View the schedule

To switch to month view, click Month in the drop down menu above the schedule. Click Left and Right above the schedule to switch between months, or click  Calendar  to select a month.Month view scheduleMonth view displays up to 6 shifts for a single day. If there are more than 6 shifts scheduled, click View All at the bottom of a day in the schedule to see more shifts.
View all shifts

View an individual employee’s schedule

If you’d like to view a month’s schedule for an individual employee, click the All Users menu to the left of the schedule, then select an employee from the list.Employee Menu

For more schedule filtering options, check out Schedule Filtering.

Modify the schedule

Add a shift

To add a shift while in month view, hover your pointer over the day you need to add the shift to, then click the  Add  icon that appears in the top-right corner of the cell in the schedule.

Edit a shift

Click on a shift to edit its details. If a shift isn’t displayed click View All, then click the shift you need to edit from the list.

Print the schedule

To print the schedule in month view, click  Print above the schedule.
Due to size limitations, the printout only displays up to 7 shifts per day. To print out all your shifts, switch to day or week view. Check out Schedule Views and Printing the Schedule for more information.

Updated on November 20, 2019

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