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Using Locations Versus Job Sites

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There are two ways to indicate where a shift takes place: locations and job sites.

  • A location (also known as a schedule) represents a physical location or department. Each location has its own, separate schedule.
  • A job site is a place where shifts take place that is off-site from your workplace locations. Job sites do not get separate schedules—you schedule a shift for a location and tag it with the job site.


Locations create separate schedules. For example, if your business has two physical locations, you might set up two locations named Washington Avenue and 7th Street. You might also use Locations to establish schedules for different departments. For example, a grocery store would have departments for deli, meat, bakery, and produce.

If you tag all your employees to all locations, you will be able see all scheduled shifts for all locations at the same time. However, you can only edit and add shifts at the currently selected location.

You can quickly flip between editing the schedule for each location by using the location pull down menu at the left while in the Scheduler.

NOTE: If you do not share employees between schedules or locations, then it might make more sense to create separate When I Work accounts for each location.

Learn how to set up your account with multiple schedules.

Job Sites

Job Sites are are used if you schedule employees for shifts that are outside of the office or store.

A Job Site might also reflect additional detail that you want to tag to a group of shifts.

For example, if you operate a catering company, you might use Job Sites to establish an event or venue that you want to tag a group of shifts to.

Learn how to create Job Sites and set up your schedule with them.

Updated on September 18, 2017

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