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When I Work has created new plan offerings to better match your business needs and deliver the latest and greatest in scheduling and workplace management services.

Currently, accounts using plans offered on the former Account & Billing page, called Legacy plans, are ineligible to receive new features. Upgrade your account to use and continue to receive the latest features on your account.

Features Available Now

Check out new ways to take your scheduling to the next level:

Auto Scheduling

Auto Scheduling leverages the information already entered in your When I Work account to create a schedule. The feature automatically assigns unpublished OpenShifts to employees for you to review and publish.

Team Tasks

Create Team Task Lists for activities or duties that are completed collaboratively by the employees working that day. Any employee working can complete the tasks or specific tasks can be assigned to an employee.

Coming Soon

These features are on the way:

Document Storage

Document Storage is a central repository in When I Work for documents you want to share company-wide. This is useful for on-boarding checklists, employee handbooks, or training manuals. You can share links to documents in shift notes, job sites, annotations, and WorkChat.

Shift Bidding

Shift Bidding is an option within an OpenShift that allows employees to express interest in the shift. Management can then view who has requested to pick up the OpenShift and select and approve an employee to work the shift.

The Shift Bidding option helps schedulers moderate the OpenShift pick up process to get the most qualified employees into the right shifts.

Labor Reports

The Labor Breakdown Report allows managers to see how their planned labor budget compares to their actual labor budget, including overtime.

The report is generated weekly so you can stay up to date on your labor costs.

Shift Tasks

Create Shift Task Lists for specialized tasks that need to be completed by a certain employee or during a specific shift.

Shift tasks are assigned to an individual shift in the scheduler or to a Shift Template and these tasks are to be completed by the employee scheduled for the shift.

Enhanced Labor Budget Tools

Improvements to the current labor budget tools are in progress!

Updated on November 20, 2019

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