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Each When I Work has one Admin (also known as the owner) who controls payments and the life of the account. The Admin is the only user with access to the Account & Billing page.

Account & Billing page look different?

If your account was created before June 12, 2018, your Account & Billing page may look different than what’s shown in this article. If it looks different, check out Transferring Account Ownership (Legacy)


  • Ownership can only be transferred to a user with Manager access privileges.
  • Transferring ownership to another user gives you Manager access.


  1. Hover over Gear, then select Billing Account & Billing.

    Account and billing button
  2. Click Transfer Ownership under the Admin‘s name. Transfer ownership buttonA window appears asking who is taking ownership of the account.
  3. Select the user’s name from the menu, then click Transfer.Transfer account confirmation

When I Work sends you an email asking you to confirm the ownership transfer. Ownership is transferred after you click the confirmation link in the email.

Frequently asked questions

Can I have more than one Admin in the account?

No, each When I Work account can only have one Admin. Grant a Manager access to manage timesheets and pay periods to give them access similar to the Admin (except the Account & Billing page).

Our Admin is no longer with our business and I need to take over ownership. What do I do?

Contact the Admin to have them transfer ownership. If they aren’t able to transfer ownership, contact our Customer Care team.

Updated on March 26, 2021

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