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After you’ve created your job posting, you can see who has applied and move applicants through the stages of the hiring process.

Track applicants

Click the number in the Applicants column on your Job Postings board to navigate to the applicant tracking board.
View applicants

NOTE: When I Work also sends you an email when there is a new applicant. You can adjust these Hire alert emails in your Alert Preferences

In the applicants board there are four columns for different stages of the hiring process.Hire applicant board

DescriptionNew candidates who have applied to your job posting.
DescriptionApplicants you may want to interview.
DescriptionApplicants you are interviewing.
DescriptionApplicants you have hired.
Name Description
Applied New candidates who have applied to your job posting.
Considering Applicants you may want to interview.
Interviewing Applicants you are interviewing.
Hired Applicants you have hired.

You can drag and drop applicants to the different stages of the hire process.


Click on an applicant to view their application and contact information. Managers and the account holder can add notes and move the applicant along to the next stage of the hiring process. If you choose to interview an applicant, make sure you correspond with them to set up the interview. When I Work does not send any notifications to the applicant.View applicant

Watch postings

You can elect to watch job postings by clicking Watch on your applicant tracking board.

Applicant tracking board watch button

NOTE: Hire alerts need to be enabled to receive updates to the posting.

Hire employees

Once an applicant is in the Interviewing column, you have the option to hire them and add them to your When I Work account. Click on the applicant in the Interviewing column, then click Hire <name> in the bottom-right corner of the window.Hire employee

Enter the employee’s Start DateHourly Base Rate, and the Positions they will work. If you’d like to send an invite to the new employee, leave the Send a When I Work Invite box checked. If you’d prefer to invite them later, uncheck the box.Hire employeeWhen you’re finished, click Submit and the employee is added to your schedule.New employee

Updated on March 12, 2019

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