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Whether you’ve recently added new employees or need to downsize your When I Work account, you can change your plan to suit your needs.

Account & Billing page look different?

If your account was created after June 12, 2018, your Account & Billing page may look different than what’s shown in this article. If it looks different, check out Switching to a Different Plan.

Things to know before you begin

  • You must have account holder access privileges in order to change plans.
  • Downgrades on monthly subscriptions take effect immediately.
  • Annual subscriptions cannot downgrade to smaller plan sizes; however, they can still upgrade to larger plan sizes.

Step 1: Select your plan

Your plan determines your user capacity and available features. The included features are listed below the plan’s name.

  1. Go to the Account & Billing page.
  2. Use Left and Right to switch between plans.Select a plan
  3. Select your billing frequency. Plans can be billed monthly or annually:
    • Monthly subscriptions are automatically billed each month. The account’s plan can be changed at any time. Plans default to monthly subscriptions.
    • Annual subscriptions are one-time payments. Downgrades in plan size and services are not possible on annual subscriptions. If you prefer to pay annually, click Go Annual.

Step 2: Select your services

Select the services you’d like to use by clicking the Scheduling or Attendance buttons on the right side of the screen. A checkmark appears in the top-right corner of the services you have activated.

  • Scheduling: Create and share schedules with your employees
  • Attendance: Clock in and out for shifts and keep track of employees’ hours

Note that the plan’s price changes as you activate or deactivate services.

Local text message support

If you are outside of the United States or Canada, you can set up international text messaging to allow your employees receive text message notifications. Click the Local Text Message Support menu in the bottom-right corner of the screen and select an option from the list of supported countries.

Note that the plan’s price changes depending on the country you select.

Step 3: Save your changes

Once you’ve selected your plan and services, save your changes so they take effect. Depending on the changes you make, click Upgrade Now or Downgrade Now

A confirmation window appears. The window shows the plan, activated services, and the price. Click Confirm & Pay to save your changes.

Updated on March 19, 2019

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