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The Favorite Positions list allows you to select the positions that display in the scheduler’s positions filter. Favorite Positions are used by individual admins, managers or supervisors to filter the positions and/or employees that you do not schedule from the scheduler for a simplified view.


  • You must have admin, manager or supervisor access privileges to set Favorite Positions.
  • Favorite Positions display in the positions filter on the scheduler on an individual basis. Setting favorite positions does not set favorites for all users on the account.
  • When Favorite Positions are set, the favorites appear first in the positions filter in the scheduler followed by any positions that have one or more shift assigned to them in your current view.
  • Setting Favorite Positions filters employees whose profiles are not tagged to your Favorite Positions in the scheduler. If you have Favorite Positions set and you are not seeing all employees in the scheduler click Hide-Show Filtered Employees button to show filtered employees.

Setting favorite positions

Favorite Positions are set on the Positions page under the Workplace menu. Click Empty Heart in the Actions column to add a position to your favorites list. When you favorite a position, it appears on your Favorite Positions list and a Full Heart is displayed under the Actions column.


Using favorite positions

Whether you schedule for specific positions at your workplace or you need to filter employees in the scheduler, Favorite Positions automatically filters your schedule for a simplified view. This section has examples on when to set Favorite Positions.

Scheduling specific positions

Favorite Positions helps users who only schedule shifts for certain positions. Add the positions that you schedule to your favorites so only those positions appear in your positions filter in the schedule.

Example: My workplace has several positions but I only schedule employees for the Barista and Roaster positions.

Add Barista and Roaster to your Favorite Positions list:



Barista and Roaster display in the positions filter in the scheduler:Positions filter on the scheduler with Barista and Roaster set as favorites

Only shift templates for the Barista and Roaster position appear when scheduling:Available shift templates with Barista and Roaster set as favorites

Copying Schedules

With Favorite Positions set, only the shifts with positions displayed in the filter are copied from the previous day or week.

Filter employees in the scheduler

Favorite Positions also filters employees not tagged to your favorite positions in the scheduler.

Example: I don’t want to see any employees tagged to the Team Lead position in the scheduler.

Add all positions to your Favorite Positions list except for Team Lead:



All positions except Team Lead display in the positions filter:Positions filter when favorites are set to filter employees tagged to a position off the schedule

Users tagged to the Team Lead position will not display in the scheduler unless Hide-Show Filtered Employees button is selected:

Updated on March 26, 2021

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