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Deleting a User from When I Work allows the Account to declutter the schedule. In addition, Deleting a User revokes their access to the schedule.

You can also delete an employee from your computer or Android phone.

Things to know before you begin

  • You must have supervisor, manager, or account holder access privileges to delete an employee.
    • Supervisors can only delete users with employee level access.
    • Account holders and managers have the ability to delete supervisors.
  • When an employee is deleted, account holders, managers, and supervisors can still access details about a deleted employee’s shift history on the Web App.

Things to do before you begin

Make sure the When I Work Employee Scheduling app is installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Delete an employee

1) From the iPhone/iPad app, click the “More” tab at the bottom of the screen.

2) Select Employees from the Toolbox list

3) Select the User you need to Delete. In this example, we will delete “Ron Jones”

4) Click Edit on the top right of the screen

5) Click Delete Employee on the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: Supervisors can only delete Users with Employee Level Access. Only Account Holders and Managers have the ability to delete Supervisors.

6) A pop up will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click “Delete Employee” to confirm the deletion of the User.

If you no longer need to Delete the User, click “Cancel” to return to the User’s Profile.

7) You have completed deleting the User from When I Work!

Updated on April 13, 2017

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