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Creating Custom Shifts when your schedule contains irregular start/end times to shifts. This provides flexibility when adding shifts to your schedule!

You can also add custom shifts from your computer or Android phone.

Things to know before you begin

  • You must have supervisor, manager, or account holder access privileges to add a shift.
  • This article contains images of the When I Work app on an iPhone. Although the app looks slightly different on an iPad, the app works the same on both devices.

Things to do before you begin

Make sure the When I Work Staff Scheduling app is installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Create a custom shift

1) From the iPhone/iPad app, click the “Schedule” tab at the bottom of the screen.

2) Click the + icon on the top right of the screen

3) From the menu select “Custom Shift…”

4) This will bring you to an form where you can add details about this Custom Shift. You can:

  • Add a color code
  • Edit the Date
  • Edit the Start and End time
  • Assign a Location
  • Assign a Job Site
  • Assign a Position
  • Assign the Custom Shift to a specific employee
  • Enter the number of employees you need to fill this shift
  • Add an Unpaid Break
  • Enter Shift Notes (up to 350 characters)

5) When you complete entering the Custom Shift details, click Save on the top right of the screen.

6) A pop up on the bottom of the screen will ask you to click either “Save” or “Save & Publish”. If you do not click either of these options, your Custom Shift options will not be stored and you will need to start over.

7) If you click Save, none of your employees will be alerted to this Custom Shift.

However, you will have the option to Publish the Custom Shift or Publish & Notify the Custom Shift.

8) If you click Save & Publish, you will have the option to Notify the Custom Shift.

Updated on September 18, 2017

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