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Clocking In and Out (Time & Attendance App)

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An employee can clock in and out using the Android When I Work Time & Attendance app if a manager enables the feature.

Things to know before you begin

The green When I Work Scheduling app also supports clocking in and out. We recommend using the Scheduling app instead of the Time & Attendance app—that way you only need one app!

Things to do before you begin

Download the When I Work Time & Attendance app from the Google Play store.

Clocking in without a scheduled shift

  1. Tap Clock In? at the bottom of the screen.Time & Attendance app dashboard
  2. Confirm that you would like to clock in by tapping Clock In.Clock in prompt
  3. If you’re qualified to work multiple positions, you’re prompted to select a position.Choose a position

After you clock in, the app displays the time you clocked in.

Clock in confirmation

Clocking in for a scheduled shift

If you have an upcoming shift, you can see the details regarding the shift above the button to clock in.

Simply tap Clock In to clock in to your shift.

Your next shift


There are several reasons why you may be unable to clock in.

No shift to clock into

If a manager has set it up so that an employee must clock in within a certain number of minutes before a shift starts (30min, 15min, or 5min) and you try to clock in too early, you’ll see a “There is no shift to clock into” message.

  • If you’re a manager, make sure to let your employees know when you’d like them to clock in.
  • And if you’re an employee, be sure to check with your manager regarding their expectations.

No shift

Incorrect location

If you’re not at the correct location, you’ll see the prompt below.

No location

  • Depending on the preferences set by a manager, employees may be able to clock in even if they are at the wrong location.
  • If an employee does clock in at a wrong location, they will see a message that their clock in will be flagged for their manager to review.
Updated on April 13, 2017

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