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Add employees to invite them to your workplace.

Things to know before you begin

Step 1: Go to the Add Employee screen

  1. From the Gear menu menu, select Employees.
  2. Click Add Employee at the top right corner.Add employee

Step 2: Set employee details

On the Employee Details tab, enter the employee’s name, contact information, access privilege level, and positions.Add Employee menu

  1. Add the employee’s First Name and Last Name.
  2. If you want to set a profile picture for the employee, click the pencil icon.
    Employees can also set their own profile pictures after they log in.
  3. Add the employee’s Email Address and Mobile Number.
    • We recommend adding both an email address and mobile number so that the employee can accept the invite from any device (computer, iPhone/iPad, or Android phone).
    • If you’re not ready to invite the employee to When I Work, skip this step. You can set the email address and phone number later.
  4. Select the access privileges that the employee should have (employee, supervisor, or manager). For more information, see User Access Privileges.
  5. Under What Position(s) Does This Person Work, select the positions that the employee is qualified to work.
    • To see a list of existing positions, click inside the field.
    • To filter the list of positions, start typing a position name.
    • To create a new position, type the position name, then click Add.Add Position from Employee Details

Step 3: Add schedules

If you have multiple schedules set up, tag the new employee to the schedules where he or she will be working.

  1. Click the Schedules tab on the left.Add employee's schedules
  2. Select each schedule where the employee works from the Schedules list.

Step 4: Set up payroll and wage information

If you’d like to view labor costs while you make the schedule, or if you’re using Time Clock & Attendance to track employees’ hours for payroll, set up payroll information on the Payroll / Wage tab.Payroll/Wage tab of employee details

  1. In Base Hourly Rate, enter base hourly rate that the employee receives regardless of position.
  2. If you want to change the hourly rate the employee is paid for working a specific position, click a position and enter a value to increase or decrease the hourly rate.
    • To pay the employee more than the base hourly rate, enter a positive number.
    • To pay the employee less than the base hourly rate, enter a negative number, such as -2.
  3. In Max Hours / Week, enter the maximum number of hours that the employee should work per week.
    This value doesn’t prevent you from scheduling past the limit; it simply serves as a reminder when you’re building the schedule.
  4. (Time Clock & Attendance only) If the employee should not be paid overtime, check the box next to Employee is Exempt.
  5. (Time Clock & Attendance only) If the employee does not clock in for shifts, check the box next to Allow Timesheet Editing & Disable Attendance Alerts to Management.
    This disables alerts for missed shifts, and allows the employee to edit his or her timesheet on the Attendance tab.

Step 5: Add optional notes

If you want to add miscellaneous notes about the employee, click the Log / Notes tab. There is no character limit, so feel free to input as many notes as you’d like.

Step 6: Set advanced details

Click the Advanced Details tab to set a custom time zone, employee ID, or hide the employee in the scheduler.Edit employee's advanced details

  1. If your employee is on a time zone different from your own, click the box next to Custom Time Zoneand then select the appropriate time zone from the drop down.
  2. Enter an Employee ID if you’d like (not required). If you’re using the Time Clock & Attendance feature, employees have the option to use their employee ID or their email addresses to clock in.
  3. If you’d like to hide this new employee from the schedule, check Hide in the Scheduler.


Step 7: Add the employee

It’s time to add the employee to your workplace:

  • If you added an email address or a mobile number, click Add & Invite Employee. The employee is immediately sent a notification asking them to register.
  • If you didn’t enter an email address or mobile number, click Add Employee instead.
Updated on November 29, 2018

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