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Acknowledging your shifts lets your managers know that you’ve seen shifts they’ve scheduled for you.

You can also acknowledge shifts from your iPhone/iPad or Android phone.

Things to know before you begin

  • Your employer can require you to acknowledge your shifts when you log in to the When I Work app. If your employer has enabled this feature, the app automatically prompts you to acknowledge your scheduled shifts up to two weeks in the future.
  • You cannot acknowledge shifts in the past, or a shift that has already started.

Acknowledge your shifts

The way you acknowledge your shifts can vary depending on whether your employer requires you to acknowledge your shifts.

When shift acknowledgement is required

If your manager publishes a schedule and requires you to acknowledge your shifts, a prompt appears when you log in to your When I Work account.Acknowledge shifts prompt

Click Acknowledge Shifts to acknowledge your shifts and close the prompt.

When shift acknowledgement isn’t required

If you do not receive the shift acknowledgement prompt when you log in but would still like to let your manager know you’ve seen your shifts, go to your My Schedule page. Shifts highlighted in yellow have not yet been acknowledged. Click Acknowledge Shifts to acknowledge shifts for the two week period you’re viewing.Acknowledge shifts button

Shifts turn white after you’ve acknowledge them, and the Acknowledge Shifts button disappears.Acknowledged shifts

If you have more shifts you’d like to acknowledge, use the Left and Right icons above your schedule to switch between weeks and click Acknowledge Shifts for weeks where you have unacknowledged shifts.

Updated on December 21, 2017

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